We All Share Roots (WASR)

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About WASR:

Meet the masterminds behind WASR!

Elise, a former Parisian living in South Africa and Rudi, a pure Cape Townian!

Combined they strive to give life to their ethical and local vision of the project that is We All Share Roots.

What Lies Behind the Name 'We All Share Roots'

Until 2016, the founders of WASR could find a giant graffiti displaying "We All Share Roots" in the District Six area of Cape Town - a famous symbolic area of ​​the injustices of Apartheid.

Directed by the collective Boa Mistura, the mural was intended to remind us that we all have the same roots and that those roots bring us back to Africa.

In the context of today's world where global tensions, attacks and political divisions are on the rise- this message appeared to them as a trigger- they knew it had to be part of the adventure.

Production Methods
The production of each product is provided by a network of small craftsmen, NGOs and SMEs.

Each of piece is handmade and produced in limited edition quantities.

No two pieces have exactly the same layout-providing customers with true exclusivity.


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