Maccie Adorable Animal Baby Bibs with Pacifier Ties


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MACCIE is a newly launched South African baby brand. Designed for little dribblers, MACCIE bibs are super absorbent and oh-so-stylish, complete with a handy clip for a dummy or teething toy.”

Each bib has an adorable character- from Toby the Tiger to Bella the Bunny.

The bibs are all adjustable-with 2 nickel-free snaps these bibs can grow with your baby from 2 months to 2 years.

Additionally, a detachable clip allows moms and dads alike to attach a pacifier/dummy or teething toy to the end of each bib. This part is detachable- allowing your little cutie to wear the bib long past the teething stage.


Incredibly soft cotton prints on front and soft fleece linings on back-these pieces are perfect for your little buddies.



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