Crochet by Cath- Fantasy Animals

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These gorgeous toys are handmade in Johannesburg by a local woman named Catherine, below is her story. 

Hello! My Name is Catherine Chomura Mutambisi,I was born in and grew up in Gweru Zimbabwe.Am a mother of four, we are 3 girls in our family my father passed away in 2005 and am the first born. I came here in South Africa in 2009 was working as a housemaid before I was diagnosed with eye cancer in 2013 September and I was operated in 2014 February 16 and I lost my right eye they took out the whole eye including eye lids everything was affected. Since that time my life was not easy I lost my job due to my sickness I tried to get a new job but it didn't help from that I suffered a lot. In 2018 I was taught to do the crochet teddies with a friend then 2019 February that's when I started selling crochet teddies on the street so that I can get something to support my kids and my mother and my 2 sisters back home. This is my story in short. Thank you CATHERINE.


Each toy is hand crochet, meaning no two are exactly the same!


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