Flick Inc Small Hand Made Accent Bowls

Flick Inc

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These small and delightfully cute bowls are handmade in Cape Town, South Africa by Flick Inc.

Funky, creative and the perfect thing for your kitchen/bedroom/bathroom or even office! Each bowl has a hand drawn illustration fired into the glaze.

Each small bowl has more uses than we would have space (and time) to even begin to list but here we go...
Use them as serving bowls for

olives... fancy dips...condiments and spreads... butter...snacks...soy sauce for sushi evenings…or something different.

place your rings in them at night before you go to sleep or use them for small change or earrings.

You could even little milk bowls for the most spoiled of kitties!


Production Process:
They are a set of high fired white Stoneware ceramic bowls .

Cleaning Process

They are dish washer safe…please remember to treat them as you would a friend!

*** Each piece is handmade and unique and no two are exactly the same, i.e. there will always be some slight variation(s).***



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