Our Passion

We are focused on bringing the highest quality Southern African products to customers far and wide!

Each product that we carry is ethically sourced and produced from South Africa.

South Africa currently has a 34.5% unemployment rate and that is one of the reasons that our company is so important.

We support small brands that give back to the local community through community efforts, employing staff and sourcing products within Sub-Saharan Africa. 

With each and every purchase you make, you're supporting so many brands and families grow.

Favorite Things



We have some of the best of the best when it comes... 

Jewelry from South Africa

Jewelry from South Africa

Shop Unique Jewelry from South Africa Handmade jewelry from South African makers. Heirloom... 

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    Saturdays @ Smorgasburg Miami

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    Sundays @ Smorgasburg Miami

    12-7 pm

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