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Bloc Art

Mermaid Bloc Art

Mermaid Bloc Art

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BlocART was started in 2010 by Cape Town artist Kenau Botha.

At first it was just a hobby with only a few designs, but soon became an expanded range of shapes of designs. The application has evolved somewhat, and the wood is now sourced from recycling depots, building sites, or intercepted before it goes to a landfill. Other waste materials are also sourced from the manufacturing industry, and we try to use of as much recycled materials as possible – from the wood, the paint, and fabrics, all the way to the packaging materials.

Every piece of wood has a history – coming from homes, gardens, broken furniture or discarded shelving. This is so obviously seen during the cleaning process – when the personal histories show themselves – sometimes in the nails or screws , the many layers of paint, the drawings of children on a skirting, or the chew marks from a pet, the stains from a workbench…

The wood is cleaned and painted before the process of cutting and gluing begins. Every piece is put together, cut and finished by hand.

Each piece is handmade from a variety of wood and decorated with fabric or paint.

Given the handmade nature of these products, no two are alike, making them even more unique.

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